Hello, I am Kandiah Nithya Ruby, originally from Nuwaraeliya. After completing my advanced level studies in the arts area, I found myself as a student at DCI. Following the completion of my studies, the management graciously offered me the opportunity to transition from a student to a staff member. Embracing this chance, I’ve found immense fulfillment in contributing to the DCI mission.

The journey from student to staff has been a remarkable one, filled with shared experiences, impactful moments, and a deep appreciation for the transformative work DCI does in the realm of dental education.

One of the highlights of my role has been conducting practical tests with our students—an enriching experience that offered not only a chance to impart knowledge but also to learn valuable lessons.

Reflecting on the impact I’ve had on students, one particular memory stands out. A student’s positive attitude left a lasting impression on me, inspiring me to embody that same positivity in my interactions.

However, if I were to pinpoint a favorite moment in my journey with DCI, it would undoubtedly be celebrating the organization’s 10th anniversary. The camaraderie shared with my fellow staff, DCI students, and the US team created an unforgettable memory. 

A $2,400 contribution covers education, living, and work placement costs, directly changing the life of this aspiring dental professional. Alternatively, you can co-sponsor a student for $1,200 or contribute any amount you can.

Join us in making a lasting impact in the dental community and empowering dreams like Ruby’s. Your support isn’t just a donation—it’s an investment in transforming lives through education.


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