Hey there, I’m Rosi.

Kandy, Sri Lanka, is my hometown, and my early years were spent in Jeewana Kanda Girls’ Home. Despite facing medical challenges, I pushed through and completed my education up to Grade 8.

In 2014, I got to be part of DCI’s Dental Surgery Assistant Program—a game-changer for me. I graduated in 2015 and delved into dentistry, particularly enjoying my time working in orthodontics at a private hospital in Colombo.

Fast forward to 2018, and a call from Sri Lanka DCI changed everything. They had a vacancy for an Assisting Lecturer, and I jumped at the opportunity. On August 1, 2018, I started this exciting new role.

As the years went by, my position evolved, and today, I proudly serve as a Course Instructor. What I love most is being in the classroom, sharing knowledge, and connecting with my students. I bring my unique touch by incorporating practical sessions and creating enjoyable moments during my free time.

Beyond my professional journey, at 29, I’m still dreaming big. Another dream close to my heart is establishing an animal rescue shelter. My deep love for animals drives that passion. I’m an artist as well, painting is my go-to to help me express myself.

Thanks to YOUR support, my life has taken a remarkable turn.

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