Meet Praboda, an 18-year-old enrolled in the DCI Dental Surgery Assistant Program, all the way from the Samadi Children’s Home. She is originally from Negombo, her journey is one of an overcomer and she continues to dream bright for her future.

At just 7 years old, Praboda’s life took a drastic turn when her mother relocated the family to Colombo. With time, their family expanded, and after four years, they returned to their hometown to live with her father, stepfather, and a houseful of siblings.

But adversity struck once again when Praboda was 14. A neighborhood crush turned into a nightmare when she was drugged by her crush’s father and taken away by force, only to be rescued by the police after three agonizing days of abuse. She was rescued from abuse and placed in Nisalodiya Home, a church-run shelter, for 8 months before being transferred to Samadi Children’s Home in Mirigama.

Despite the challenges she faced, Praboda’s spirit remained unbroken. Inspired by a friend’s transformation through DCI’s Dental Assistant Program, she’s determined to rewrite her story.

Her dream is to care for her special needs brother and become a dental assistant, with aspirations of working in Korea in the future.

But she can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in. Your support can be the catalyst for Praboda’s success story. This beautiful soul needs a sponsor. Praboda is the only remaining student in this class without a sponsor.

A $2,400 contribution covers education, living, and work placement costs, directly changing the life of this aspiring dental professional. Alternatively, you can co-sponsor a student for $1,200 or contribute any amount you can.

Join us in making a lasting impact in the dental community and empowering dreams like Praboda’s. Your support isn’t just a donation—it’s an investment in transforming lives through education.

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