Congratulations Class of 2019!!

We are so proud to announce that 15 girls have graduated this past August 3rd from our 7th Annual DSA class!  This is our biggest class yet! It is double in size form 2018 and it is all thanks to our wonderful sponsors, amazing staff in Sri Lanka, and all the volunteers who helped make it happen.

These 15 incredible young ladies are now taking a huge step forward into their careers as dental assistants!  And for many of us here, it may not seem like a big deal, but for each of these girls they did not see a future like this.  In life, they didn’t think they would grow up to work as dental assistants.  Most of them faced hard adversity in their youth, abandonment, and often they came from nothing.  DCI has showed these girls that they are valuable, honorable, and that they deserve a better life.  So now, each and every one of these girls are going to get a chance to make a life for themselves, and even more so for their families.  For them… this is everything.

It is so easy to overlook and take for granted blessings that we have been given.  I look at the lives of each of these girls, I hear their stories, their hearts… and I am instantly humbled at how they persevere.  This program that DCI runs is more than just helping give dental care to those who need it most.  The DSA program is a way to train and equip young girls with the tools for success. And not only is it a change mentally, but each of them have been changed in a way that effects the way they think of themselves.  They can now carry their heads high and be confident in who they are because of a simple vocational schooling that gave them a chance to change their lives.

With your help again this year…

This year, we are hoping to invite fifteen young women into our program, who will be given the opportunity to learn a skill, stand on their own, and escape a life of poverty and abuse.

Your sponsorship  of $2,400 will provide dental assistant training, course materials, a laptop, uniforms, housing, meals, and job placement for one young woman.  You also have the option to co-sponsor a student for $1,200.  Or a third option would be to have your clinic, or other place of work, or friends and family to come together and sponsor a girl collectively.

Check out the video below to see our 2019 Graduation!