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Dental Care International (DCI) was founded in 2001 to provide desperately needed dental care to at-risk children around the globe.

In 2005, with support from the Clark County Commission, DCI opened a children’s safety net dental clinic for the uninsured and working poor in the Las Vegas valley. That year, over 500 uninsured children received dental care at no cost

Quickly, DCI’s dental clinic became the dental home for at-risk youngsters with no other access to dental care and became the primary referral source for local agencies working with vulnerable children.  Referrals poured in from agencies working with the homeless, new immigrants, refugees, foster care, special needs, the poor, the uninsured and underinsured.

Services at the clinic expanded to include the broad range of pediatric dental care, including conscious sedation and general anesthesia, as well as low cost comprehensive orthodontics.  No child was refused services based on the inability to pay. By 2015, annual patient visits topped 15,000 and DCI employed 18 Clark County residents, most of whom were people of color.

During this time, in keeping with its mission, DCI has also operated oral health programs in Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Sri Lanka.

By 2020, cumulative patient visits, program wide, surpassed 200,000. Hundreds of community volunteers have contributed to the success of DCI’s programs and over $9,000,000 in charitable dental services have been delivered.

In March of 2020 DCI received a letter from the Clark County Department of Real Property Management informing us that the Clark County Long Range Planning Committee denied our request for a lease renewal. As a result, our Las Vegas clinic has closed.  For the last 15 years it has been DCI’s pleasure to provide employment for Clark County residents and to work with Clark County Commissioners in service of needy children in Las Vegas.

DCI has closed their Las Vegas dental clinic.  Requests for patient records should be made to info@thunderbirddentalcare.com.